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Nora Fatehi Is The Face Of Izil Beauty

The brand that is based around nature, simplicity and wellbeing is an ode to the beauty rituals perfected by Moroccan women throughout generations…

The decision-makers at Izil Beauty, a brand regionally renowned for its natural yet luxurious skincare and hair products, has tapped multihyphenate Nora Fatehi as the first-ever brand ambassador. With Izil Beauty drawing influences from the rich heritage of Moroccan beauty rituals, it’s only natural for the label to be associated with someone who has roots in the North African country. Other qualities that make the incredibly talented actress and singer the perfect fit include her strong sense of independence and dedication while staying true to her values.

“Nora Fatehi is a stunning natural beauty, self-made woman and a huge talent who achieved international stardom while being proud of her Moroccan roots,” Mouna Abassy, the founder of the company with a name meaning “pure” in Tamazight, said. She added she became convinced the “sweet, passionate and hard-working” Fatehi was the right choice after getting introduced to her work. Abassy also said “Moroccan beauty secrets will take their due place in the world thanks to the partnership.

Fatehi, who has Canadian citizenship, has also expressed her excitement about joining forces with the brand that combines science and technology with ancestral knowledge.

“Izil is a skin care brand that elevates the image of my country, Morocco and my culture, as it was founded by a strong Moroccan woman who started from nothing and worked hard to achieve success without compromising on her values,” said the ethereal beauty who is keen to show the world the same century-old proven Moroccan rituals she and her ancestors grew up with. “When I learned their story, tried their amazing products and met the founder, Mouna Abbassy, I was immediately convinced that our collaboration will be effortless as we share the same vision and the same values.”

About Izil Beauty
While delivering simple, efficient and enjoyable skin and hair care rituals for women and men, Izil Beauty uses natural, minimal and time-tested ingredients. Harvested from well-known sources in Morocco, the limited yet top notch North African ingredients include Argan oil, almond oil, Shea butter and lavender.

In 2020, Izil Beauty opened their unique flagship store in Dubai Mall, and with its all-white theme, simple geometric shapes and smooth angles, it reflects the brand’s philosophy of purity and simplicity. As well as the store that showcases the products, there’s a state-of-the-art spa that gives visitors a chance to try them out first-hand.

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