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5 Short Arabic Films to See This Week

Busy week ahead? All work and no time for a good film can makes each day a pretty dull one. Even if you have no time to sit back and get lost in a two-hour feature, there are great short films out there that won’t take up much of your evening and will still leave you satiated with good entertainment and great storytelling. Without further ado, here are five shorts to get you through the work week:

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Submarine (Lebanon, 2016)

In this beautifully shot, written, and acted film, which premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, director Mounia Akl takes us into the story of Hala, a young woman living in a city ravaged by a garbage crisis that has reached an apex, refusing to be evacuated and leave her home.

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Ave Maria  (Palestine, 2015)

This short dark comedy that tells the story of five nuns at a convent in the West Bank who suddenly have their daily silent routine disrupted when Israeli settlers crash their car into the walls of the convent. This must-watch short by Basil Khalil was nominated for an Oscar for Best Live-Action Short Film, played in dozens of countries, and picked up 16 awards.

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Abdullah and Leilah  (Iraq, 2018)

This is a raw and touching film about a man, Abdullah, who is haunted by memories of his childhood in Baghdad, Iraq, and who suffers from dementia, leading him to forget English and the life he has lived in London for six decades. His daughter, Leilah, who only speaks English, finds herself in a battle to connect with her father before she too fades away from his memory.

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The Remaining Time  (UAE, 2017)

A great piece of work by writer and director Mohammed Al Hammadi, this sci-fi type film tells the story of two people – a girl and a mysterious stranger – who are trapped in a room following an alien invasion, fighting for their ethics, beliefs, and survival.

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Give Up The Ghost  (Jordan, 2019)

Directed by Zain Duraie, this subtle yet emotional film takes us into the life of Salam, a woman whose world is thrown into disarray when she is told she will not be able to have children with her husband, a revelation that irrevocably alters their relationship.

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