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Waad Altarki Is Our Point Of Reference For Next Level Make-Up Looks This Summer

Follow one of the top Saudi make-up artists on Instagram for the best beauty tips and inspiration.

Over the last couple of years, Waad Altarki has kept her Instagram family captivated by chanelling the spirits of popular characters, whether Hollywood icons or Disney princesses. By honing the art of makeovers, from Princesses Jasmine and Esmerlda to Audrey Hepburn, it isn’t surprising the professional make-up artist has managed to amass 2.8 million followers. Considered one of the top beauty gurus in Saudi Arabia, Altarki is also known for her gorgeous bridal looks, which magically highlight the beautiful features of any Arab woman during her big day. What’s more, the make-up maven who has associations with major international brands has her own impressive line of beauty products, which includes palettes, foundations and make-up brushes.

For Altarki, who also has 403,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, the focus is usually on wholesome make-up looks and emphasising her clientele’s qualities. Some of her signatures include healthy skin, a tad of highlight in the inner corner of the eye, thick lashes and glossy lips.

As well as make-up creations, the Riyadh-based creative offers useful beauty advice, tricks and tips. Altarki also writes reviews on make-up and other beauty products, sharing in detail why certain things have made it to her favourites list. The skilled make-up pro, who has worked with A-listers like Simi and Haze Khadra and Fouz Alfahad, has also made a name for herself by hosting masterclasses and training courses for make-up enthusiasts who want to perfect their skills.

Altarki’s accomplishments seem even more remarkable considering it all began as a hobby and that no one really encouraged her when she decided to make the world of beauty her true calling. After trying looks on family members and friends, she started her rise to the top, with some help from her mum who saw how determined she became to pursue a career as a make-up artist. Hopping onto Instagram at a time when only a limited number of Saudi make-up artists could be found on the platform was probably what ultimately helped her get her foot in the door. 

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