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European Countries Strengthen Ties With Saudi Arabia

In a new effort to strengthen culture ties with Europe, Saudi Arabia signed a charter with European countries to set up a cultural network at the European Union National Institutes for Culture in Riyadh.

According to Arab News, the members include the embassies of Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic along with the Goethe Institut. The objectives ofthe charter include strengthening dialogue between the nations and Saudi Arabia to boost cultural activity and diverse opportunities in the Kingdom in fields such as fashion, film, music, architecture and design, and visual arts projects.

“What we would like to do is implement projects together with Saudi powered institutions interested in working with us but we also stand ready to provide capacity building and we can bring in experts,” Wolfgang Kutschera, deputy head of mission at the Austrian embassy in Riyadh said.

Under the new EUNIC initiative, an EU film festival is planned to take place in November and an architectural event focused on solutions for sustainable living in Riyadh will also be happening in the same month.

EUNIC has actually 125 clusters in more than 90 countries that work to create cultural collaboration between European countries and the rest of the world. 

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