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Saudi Arabia Launches Fashion Futures Going Live In New York & Riyadh

From the 2019 panel

As the region gradually opens up once again, many events are popping up, each promising to be exciting and exceptional, such as Saudi Arabia’s Fashion Futures, a digital platform supporting the creation of a fashion ecosystem in the Kingdom. Originally conceptualized by Saudi Arabia’s Fashion Commission in 2019, this flagship fashion event has been completely reimagined as a digital platform and will be made accessible anywhere in the world.

The 2021 edition of the newly envisioned event entitled “Fashion Futures Live: Moving Towards Sustainability, Diversity & Innovation” is set to launch on the 17th of June, broadcasted live from Riyadh and New York.

According to the official website, speakers and audiences of Fashion Futures will be able to take part in the event “through a bespoke, interactive virtual platform and engage with the program assembled in collaboration with Fashinnovation, a global platform focused on sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the world of fashion.” Speakers will include: Susan Rockefeller, the Chair & Trustee of Oceana, which is a nonprofit ocean conservation organization; Rebecca Minkoff, a designer and author Fearless; Helen Aboah, CEO of Urban Zen; and many others, discussing a range of topics, from diversity and the Sustainable Development Goals (adopted by the United Nations in 2015), to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Speaking on the launch of the upcoming event, Burak Cakmak, who is the CEO of Saudi Arabia’s Fashion Commission, said “The Kingdom can be a stellar example of how to build an innovative, sustainable, locally and culturally relevant fashion ecosystem in a country. Through engaging with innovators across the value chain and partnering to bring education, business development, entrepreneurship and retailing experiences, Saudi Arabia will be able to transform local businesses to achieve the highest standard in their operations and branding that can be celebrated globally.” 

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