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Louvre Abu Dhabi Invites Kids To Explore Their Emotions Via The Lens Of Art

The pandemic has made it more important than ever to head to Saadiyat Island for this fascinating exhibition that uses art as a facilitator for youngsters to identify and voice their feelings.

Whether you’re working full-time, part-time or not at all, summer holidays are tough because they mean looking for activities to keep the kids busy. Thankfully, Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Children’s Museum is set to reopen, providing one way to keep your little ones occupied (and your sanity intact). What’s more, the immersive, multimedia art exhibition, “Emotions!: The New Art Adventure,” which is launching on June 18, is based on some all-important emotional wellbeing after what’s been a terribly difficult year for them. And with the “Go-Safe” certified Louvre Abu Dhabi offering free entry for under 18s, it’s an extremely safe and affordable way to spend some quality family time.

The exhibition features 10 artworks and multiple interactive stations to familiarise children with identifying and exploring emotions, a critical milestone in a child’s development. Running until 2023, it combines entertainment and education across three floors of immersive experiences, gamification and interactive play areas that egg on children aged four to 10 to learn about different feelings and how to spot them. As well as encouraging children to engage with their feelings through play and learning, “Emotions!” will help them learn empathy and how to openly express emotion. Plus, they get to find out how to let go of unpleasant feelings and come to understand that all emotions are acceptable.

“The Children’s Museum is at the heart of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s mission to engage the next generation through art", said Manuel Rabaté, Director of Louvre Abu Dhabi, which was created as a special agreement between the governments of France and Abu Dhabi. “There has been much talk about how the events of the past 15 months have impacted children’s emotional and social development, so it is timely that we are reopening the Children’s Museum with a well-thought-out exhibition that supports these critical elements. With free entry for children, it also represents an excellent value day out for families.”

“Emotions!” starts with creating a personal profile for each child, who gets a wristband to collect points through activities and challenges. The young visitors are first introduced to artworks from varying periods and geographical locations through a series of observation games, discovering the hidden details and stories behind each work.

During the art escapade, interactive games and activities will include various digital and safe touch-free experiences, as well as a workshop area with self-led tutorials. Based on how to represent emotions through different art activities such as drawing, collage and 3D art, the virtual tutorials are presented by three young Emirati artists. Additionally, children will learn how emotions can also be expressed through body language via a touchless interactive game using movement recognition.

Did you know?
Children aged between four and 10 are going through formative development, and during these years, they begin to develop a sense of self and start understanding their emotions and how to express them.

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