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5 Scientifically Proven Items That Make Women More Attractive

Science has proven wearing these five pieces will instantly make you more attractive.

Some days we wake up feeling fabulously empowered and feel we have the ability to take on the world even if we are wearing potato bags. However, we are humans and can come across some days when we could use a boost to make us feel more attractive. According to studies and surveys, these five items can help upping your chances in the dating department, or just make you feel more emboldened before a big social gathering or meeting, where you want to impress. The good news is the items in the list compiled by Who What Wear are probably already in your wardrobe.

Karlie Kloss in a black dress
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A black dress
The little black dress’s versatility allows us to reach out for it for so many different occasions, from a date night to a power lunch. This wardrobe staple can really make you feel and look at the top of your game. What’s more, studies involving men and women have determined black is the top colour associated with characteristics like sex appeal, self-assurance and intellect. The go-ahead from Elizabeth Hawes, known for her sartorial wisdom, is another reason to get out the LBD. The American designer said, “Five out of five men are said to look twice at any girl in a black dress.”

Christina Pitanguy in high heels
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High heels
Surely the fact a man invented the heel cements the point men find them appealing. As well as making your legs looking longer and slimmer, high heels improve your posture, so it’s not a surprise to find a study published in the “Archives of Sexual Behavior that proves heels make a woman seem more attractive. What’s more, according to the study, men tend to act more helpfully and are more inclined to spontaneously approach a woman wearing heels.

Cindy Bruna in red dress
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Wearing red
A woman’s sensuality can be heightened by certain elements and the colour red is one of them. The chances are you’ve heard it before, but here’s a reminder, it is a scientifically backed fact that men are attracted to red. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology made it official. Whether it’s a lipstick, top or frock, the colour of passion and amore is a psychological boost for women and a hit with the men.

Kendall Jenner in off-the-shoulder dress
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Off-the-shoulder styles
Make the most of off-the-shoulder and bandeau tops and dresses this summer because they are super feminine and a very alluring way of showing some skin without revealing too much. If you thought men just cared about legs, cleavage and behinds, think again. Researchers at the University of New South Wales found males were really attracted to women's shoulders and arms. 

Elizabeth Hurley in bodycon dress
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A bodycon dress
Not showing everything at once is the trick to looking sensual rather than vulgar. By wearing a tight bodycon dress, you can sport a respectable neckline and skirt length and still have all eyes on you. While long legs have a following, an ample hourglass figure with a larger waist-to-hips and bust-to-waist ratio also has its appeal. According to a paper published in the “Archives of Sexual Behavior,” men are quicker to notice women with this kind of figure and look at them for longer periods of time. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, just like Marilyn Monroe did.

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