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Diamonds On Your Mind This? This Ethical Jewellery Collection Has It All

Reem and Natalya Kanj x Fyne Jewellery collab is here to impress!

The only thing that separates a lab-created diamond from a natural diamond is its origin. A lab-created diamond is “grown” inside a lab using cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process. The result is a lab-made diamond that is chemically, physically, and optically the same as those grown beneath the Earth’s surface.

FYNE Jewellery has already garnered a reputation as the Middle East’s first contemporary fine jewellery brand, as it is purposefully created using conflict-free, earth friendly lab grown diamonds. Ethical, sustainable and accessible, FYNE Jewellery represents an empowered movement founded by third generation Lebanese diamond expert, Aya Ahmad, as she set about to minimize the detrimental impact of the diamond industry. In a new development for FYNE, the brand has collaborated with influencers, Reem and Natalya Kanj, to create a curated capsule collection of highly desirable, delicate fine jewellery pieces.

Reem and Natalya Kanj have teamed up with FYNE Jewellery to create timeless sustainable designs inspired by conscious living. The limited collection, ‘Stargazing’, consists of five unique celestial pieces: two rings, a necklace, body chain, and a pair of earrings. Each piece is made of responsibly sourced 18K gold and is consciously crafted in Dubai using the highest caliber of lab grown diamonds for jewellery that looks good, feels good and does good.

From sourcing ethical gold to using diamonds grown from renewable and recyclable energy sources to giving back to the communities in which they operate, FYNE considers their brand values to be non-negotiable. FYNE Jewellery collections are made in small batches using a made to order approach which allows the brand to minimize waste whilst simultaneously allowing their artisans to take the time to craft pieces that embody the brand’s “buy now, wear forever” ethos.

Ranging from AED 330 for minimal and dainty pieces, through to AED 5,390 for a body-chain design with accent diamonds, the range offers the opportunity for accessible, ethical indulgence at a wide variety of price points, with the hope of reaching a broad audience.

The complete Stargazing collection by Reem & Natalya Kanj x FYNE is available to purchase at

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