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5 Flowers You'll Find in Saudi Arabia

So wholesome and plentiful!

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Saudi Arabia is home to the Arabian Desert, an iconic landscape, popular tourist destination, and terrain with stories and histories that stretch beyond the imagination. In hindsight, it's easy to see why people mistakenly assume that all of Saudi Arabia is just barren desert landscape void of lush greenery with arid climate. On the contrary, parts of the Kingdom, such as the southwestern regions for example, are quite popular amongst the locals for their diverse vegetation and favorable climates. In fact, the Kingdom is home to various species of flowers, which can be found indigenously or across the region. Here are five of them:

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Saudi Arabia is no stranger to roses. In fact, the city of Taif is best known as the "City of Roses" due to its many rose farms, and the industries that rely on them. These roses can be best seen during spring when pink and red blossoms are plenty, and the atmosphere becomes aromatic.

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Tamarix Gallica

Tamarix gallica, also known as the French tamarisk, is a flower that blooms on shrubs indigenous to the Kingdom, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Mediterranean region. These flowers are known for their pinkish pigment and spiky form, and usually bloom in May and Augus

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Lavandula Dentata

Lavandula dentata, also known as the French lavender, is indigenous to the Kingdom, the Mediterranean region, and the Atlantic islands. Each flower can be described as a spiky purple flower on a long stalk, with pale violet bracts on top. Just like other species of lavender, they are famous for their purple pigments, aromatic fragrance, and herbal use.

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Jasmine is an iconic flower best known for its vibrant pigment, aromatic fragrance, and industrial uses. In fact, some can be found on the Kingdom's mountainous regions, and are a key focus behind diversifying the nation’s economy through the "City of Jasmine" project.

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Achillea Biebersteinii

Achillea Biebersteinii are a group of yellow flowers and a variant of the Asteraceae flower family. The term "Achillea" is derived from the name of the Greek hero, Achillea, whose soldiers were believed to have treated their wounds with a local species of the flower. In fact, Achillea Biebersteinii is known for its use in treating stomachache and diarrhea.

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