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The True Crime Podcasts Hosted By Women You’ll Be Hooked On

True crime is a grizzly, yet highly fascinating topic. There is something about wanting to understand the mind and motives of a serial killer that can be highly exhilarating. On your daily commute, or at the gym, as you put your head phones on, are you listening to Beyonce or about a murder case? No one will ever know and its your very own dark secret…and for good reason – because crime podcasts are addictive.

We’ve picked out a few that you might want to get stuck into if you’re looking for a break from happy clappy “how to be a better person” podcasts. All led by women, with great banter to boot, you might find that you want to take some time off work just to listen to all of them…

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My Favorite Murder

Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, these two LA-based friends you wish you’d had when you first discovered that you’re abnormally fascinated by murders and serial killers. Listening to these two feels like being part of a conversation you don’t want to end. What’s more is that they’re witty and can make you laugh even when talking about gruesome crimes!

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Crime Junkies

Ashley Flowers and Britt Prawat tell some great, well detailed, crime stories in a way that makes you feel accepted for your interests in the macabre. Although its mostly murders, missing people and unsolved cases that they talk about, which can be rather heavy to digest, Britt and Ashley add an easy lightness to the topic. Be warned: there are a lot of unsolved cases to make you want to get on Google and try to solve them yourself...

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Root Of Evil

Yvette Gentile and Rasha Pecoraro are sisters who host this podcast that explores a single case. The women delve deep into an age old family mystery as they delve into one of America’s most famous unsolved murders – The Black Dahlia murder, and their own great grandfather’s involvement in it. The show also features never heard before first time interviews with witnesses and others connected to the case.

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Female Criminals

This podcast is all about women – but not just the scenarios in which they are the victims! Vanessa Richardson and Sami Nye shine a huge spotlight on women who happened to have become entangled in crime. Prepare to dive into the strange psychology, motivations and atrocities committed by female criminals.

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Missing out on this podcast really would be criminal. Join host, Phoebe Judge, as she talks about crimes that uncover bank heists, sex work, house hauntings, and even dognapping! There is something for everyone – especially if you fancy a change from the usual murders and serial killers…

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