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3 Saudi Artists Making Art About Palestine

They are keeping the momentum alive!

The injustices happening all across Palestine are still making global headlines in both media and social media outlets. To keep the momentum going, talented Saudi arts are using their talent to convey messages about the Palestine through their art. Click through to meet some of the artists from the Kingdom and don’t forget to give them a follow!

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Lujain Ibrahim (@llujaiin)

Based in Medina, Lujain Ibrahim is an emerging talent that uses embroidery to depict the recurrent violence and the resilience of the Palestinian people.

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Nasser Almulhim (@nasajm)

Watermelons and olives are vivid symbols of Palestinian resistance and Nasser Almulhim is honoring their beauty through a love letter. Fun fact: When Israel prohibited the use of the Palestinian flag back in the sixties, the people started using the watermelon which features the same colors of their homeland’s flag.

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Artist Dalya Moumina (

Based in DC and born in the Kingdom,  Dalya Moumina is the granddaughter of a Palestinian refugee. Arab News reported that her grandmother was one of the thousands who were expelled from their home during the 1948 Nakba, and was forced to flee to Jeddah. Honoring Jerusalem and Al Aqsa mosque, Moumina’s painting is vibrant in colors, emotion, and a longing to the homeland.

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