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Saudi Arabia Has A 100% Renewable Bottled Water Now

The Red Sea Development Co. in Saudi Arabia (TRSDC) launched its first mineral water extraction plant using solar and wind energy. This project comes as part of efforts to preserve the environment by limiting carbon emissions.

According to Arab News, Ahmed Ghazi Darwish, the chief of administrative office at TRSDC, said the project is in partnership with Source Global, PBC, whose work is centered around renewable drinking water.

TRSDC used a water extraction technology that is fully dependent on solar energy and raises condensation levels on hydrogen panels to produce high-quality fresh water.

And that is not all! The solar-powered plant is set to break world records as it will be the largest of its kind in the world. We’re talking a production capacity of 2 million 330 milliliter water bottles a year, he added, as reported by Arab News. The first milestone is the production of 300,000 bottles which will kickstart soon.

Reusable bottles’ aim is to accomplish carbon neutrality as part of the sustainable model.

A smart app will showcase the volume of water produced, the environmental impact of the panels and maintenance alerts.

It is crucial to note that the technology itself is fully sourced from Saudi companies and abides by both local and international water quality standards, such as the GCC Standardization Organization, the World Health Organization, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, and the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. 

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