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Season 3 Of ‘The Platform’ May Just Be The Best Thing You’ll Watch This June

There are so many reasons to give the new season the top spot on your planner.

Oweiss Mkhallalati and Nazli AlRawas

Audiences are in for a roller-coaster ride during the third season of “The Platform.” Fans who have been eagerly awaiting will be happy to know that as premiering on Netflix, where it’s the first Emirati production to stream worldwide, the series with a star-studded cast of the region’s leading actors will be available on Abu Dhabi TV from June 1.

Abdul Mohsen Al Nemr

The new season has a vast array of surprises in store, with the plot thickening as COVID-19 brings the world to a halt as the team continues to drive forward on their truth-seeking mission.

Jafra Younes

Filmed across various locations in Abu Dhabi within specially built studios, the third season will feature top actors and fan-favourites from across the Middle East, including Maxim Khalil, Muna Wassef, Motasem AlNahar, Reham AlKassar, Leen Ghurra and Khaled AlSayed. Two rising stars, Emirati Mad Rabdan and Tunisian Sabrina, are also joining the cast. In addition, the show will also see the return of ‘Shaikha’, a character played by Mahira Abdulaziz, as well as Maisoun Abu Assad, Jafra Younes and Emirati Saeed Alraisi.

Maxim and Samer

With lots of thrilling twists and turns, the series produced by Emirati director, producer and writer Mansoor AlYabhouni AlDhaheri, who works alongside Egyptian director Yasser Sami and Syrian writer Hozan Akko, follows the story of two brothers. One of them is a programming genius who comes across top-secret information, which motivates him to create an online fact-finding truth-seeing portal so he can share it with the world. His bold move forces various international groups to focus on efforts to stop him.

Muna Wassef

Reham Kassar

Associated with FilmGate Productions and Al Kalema Production, two independent creative production houses based in Abu Dhabi, “The Platform” has been a hit from the beginning. It even rose to Netflix's ‘popular’ list after two days of launching. Additionally, it was the very first Pan-Arab production to reach American platforms such as Crackle, Crackle Plus, Popcornflix and Truli.

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