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Saudi Health Association Raises Funds To Pay For Operations

A heartwarming and lifesaving gesture!

A health association in Saudi Arabia managed to gather funds adding up to SR600,000 (approximately $160,000) to facilitate the costs of operations for those who could not afford them.

Located in Talaat al-Temyat in the north of the Kingdom, the association joined forces with the Health Endowment Fund through “Shefa”, a charitable treatment platform.

The funds raised are successfully helping 25 people have medical surgery such as cesarean sections, eye surgery, heart surgery and surgery for a tumor.

The “Shefa” website is one of the Health Endowment Fund’s many initiatives that provide a safety net for patients that do not have financial means to afford medical interventions.

According to Arab News, the initiative insures that the cost of operations are met and it is open to any nationalities in the northern region of Saudi Arabia. The listed beneficiaries are citizens, residents, and individuals with visit visas.

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