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3 Palestinian Fashion Labels To Support Now

Made in Palestine with love and talent.

Part of freeing Palestine is supporting its creatives. We’ve rounded up our favorite designers from Palestine breaking design boundaries with taste and style. Whether you’re eyeing your next blazer, statement pair of earrings, or quirky print tee, we got you covered with these amazing Palestinian fashion brands ranging from formalwear, streetwear, party wear - you name it! In a way, every Palestinian-owned enterprise in Palestine is by default a social enterprise due to its incomparable impact on sustaining communities and pulsating creativity. Get to know these wonderful local fashion brands here:

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Meera Adnan

This RTW label comes straight from the heart of Gaza: it brings forth soft romantic tailoring without dismissing its political sphere. Meera Adnan’s collections have a good story to tell and draw inspiration from her own reality, identity, and her touching fondness of nostalgia. Expect oversized blazers with distinct tailoring and high-waisted pearl button pants with a lil’ 80s drama. Shop here.

P.S: The designer Meera Adnan has been an eye-opening and much-needed lens to the traumatic events that continue to strike her city and her country. Her Instagram page documents all the injustices happening and sheds light on what’s like to be a young Palestinian creative on constant survival mode. Follow her here

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Nöl Collective

Nöl Collective is an intersectional feminist & political fashion collective that partners up with small businesses, family-run, sewing workshops, and artisans from Palestine. Hyper-local and handpicked, every single item catches our eye on their platform. We have a soft spot for their handmade copper-made jewelry though.

Hand-cut by members of a women’s cooperative based in a village on the outskirts of Jerusalem, these earrings embody Palestinian symbols and take your outfit up a notch. We’re talking olive branch earrings - a nod to the nationality and the homeland- poppy flower earrings, and palm tree earrings. Nöl Collective boasts jackets with tatreez details, t-shirts, linen garments, and so much more! Shop here. Follow here

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Trashy Clothing

Nostalgia meets camp at Trashy Clothing, and we are taking notes. Think Arab diva aesthetic, club culture, satire, and a gender-bending spirit - Trashy Clothing has it all and we want it all. In true anti-fashion fashion (pun intended), the brand’s mission as their website states is to “reclaim the Arab and Palestinian Identity and reclaim what is considered different, cheap, and trashy in modern culture.”

Founded in 2017 under the co-creative direction of Shukri Lawrence and Omar Braika, Trashy Clothing breaks the polarization of taste and celebrates kitsch in all its forms. Here’s a glimpse of how iconic this brand is. Their silver halter-neck dresses make us itch for a post-pandemic free world and their Haifa tees remind us of those hyper-feminine neighborhood stores in the Middle East we have a love and hate relationship with. Shop here. Follow here

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