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Meet Nadia Aboulhosn: A Lebanese American Curvy Model, Blogger & Designer

In today’s world of fashion, lifestyle, art, and everything in between, body diversity has been finding its way into the general narrative, firmly taking its rightful place and saying loud and proud, “women come in all sizes.” Amongst the women trailblazing the conversation and positively changing the landscape of fashion and style, particularly on social media, is Nadia Aboulhosn, a Lebanese America style blogger.

Perhaps the first thing that stands out about Aboulhosn’s style is how natural it seems to come to her. She just is; she does what she wants and stays true to herself, and that is probably what has defined her impressive journey to date.

According to an article she wrote for The Cut, Aboulhosn began her foray into style blogging 11 years ago, driving by a need to express her true self. She explained that, at the time, she had a small following and “had so much fun making something out of nothing,” which motivated her to apply to FIT after I finished her associate’s degree, only to get denied. However, she didn’t let that stop her, explaining, “I’m going to make fashion a part of my life one way or another, without school. If they don’t want me, I’ll still figure it out.”

Her first break came when she was contacted by Seventeen magazine, and from that point on, she started getting bookings for editorial jobs and won a model search with American Apparel. Today, she has an impressive following online, styles her own shoots, and even launched a capsule collection of thigh-high boots for women with wider upper thighs, firmly asserting that any woman of any size or any body type should have the privilege of wearing whatever she wants.

In fact, her boots were such a success, they sold out twice, clearly showing that the fashion industry should finally heed to her message of inclusivity and face the reality that the world is beautiful because of the diversity of body types.

In addition to being an inspiration to many and being on top of the entrepreneurial game, she has also collaborated with a number of renowned brands, such as H&M, Pat McGrath, Boohoo, and Lord & Taylor, and has been featured in numerous magazines as well, from Marie Claire to Cosmopolitan

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