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HAYAWIIA: The New Premium Destination For Healthy Food And Natural Beauty Care

You know where to find us….

In addition to the highest quality healthier food and snack alternatives, HAYAWIIA, a female Emirati-owned health and wellness concept, offers a selection of all-natural beauty care. The clean living products provided by the newly launched company with a name derived from the Arabic term for health, vitality and vigour can be found across the UAE. What’s more, they don’t come with a hefty price tag!

 Part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Foundation, an initiative by the leaders of Dubai to foster the entrepreneurial spirits of Emiratis, HAYAWIIA houses over 1,000 healthier, flavour-packed food and snack options. And they are suitable for a wide range of people, from vegetarians and keto enthusiasts to those who need to eat dairy or gluten-free or look out for their sugar intake. Additionally, customers can benefit from all-natural beauty care products, whether for the face, body, hair or wellbeing, from over 20 exclusive brands.

"Our concept is to add convenience for customers looking to make the conscious switch to clean living. We are not a trend, we’re here to make an impact for a healthier and better future. We believe in the HAYAWIIAN way of life,” Tahany Taher, Co-Founder of the one-stop-shop unique concept, said in a statement.  

Fired by a mission to make healthy living accessible and affordable for all, HAYAWIIA supports SME businesses and agricultural companies to improve their business continuity and job retention. Additionally, the company is working in line with the UAE’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development. This includes insuring food supplies aren’t wasted, all product packaging is recyclable and decreasing carbon footprint by increasing a supply chain efficiency to employ creative solutions for sustainability. And there’s the cute fact that customers can promote a greener future by planting the flower, herb or vegetable seeds that are embeded in HAYAWIIA’s eco-friendly customer “thank you” notes, made with seed paper.

Shop via the website at, which also offers educational content, or visit the Al Quoz warehouse in Industrial Area 4, Dubai. HAYAWIIA is also available through Instashop and El Grocer.

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