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Younes Bendjima’s Design Agency Raises Money For Palestine

Better known for his relationship with infamous Kardashian sister, Kourtney, French Algerian model, Younes Bendjima, has just launched a charity t-shirt via his very own design agency, Studio Fy7, to raise money for the Palestinian families affected by the devastating Israeli attacks on Gaza and Sheikh Jarrah.

The proceeds from the sales of the t-shirt will be donated to two organizations, Lifeblood Foundation and Middle East Children’s Alliance, who both work to deliver supplies, medical aid, and food rations to children suffering in war zones.

Priced at $45 USD, the t-shirt is a limited edition and is available in both black and white, with the colors of the Palestinian flag, red, green and white, running through the word “Palestine” across the chest.
Also on board with the initiative is Kamil Abbas, who collaborated on the design from his own creative agency, AWGE, who have worked with rapper A$AP Rocky, and previously worked with Bendjima on Yemen-branded T-shirts to aid Yemeni charities in June 2020.

Younes’s agency, Studio Fy7, captioned a post on Instagram, “After raising $80,000 for Yemen, let’s try to raise even more for Palestine - they need us more than ever. 100% of the profits from this t-shirt will go to Lifeblood Foundation and Middle East Children’s Alliance. They deliver not only aid and resources to kids in need but also help with food, medical bags for hospitals and all the supplies needed by homeless families whose homes have been destroyed.”

Younes Bendjima is not the only celebrity to express their feelings about the Palestinian cause and his solidarity with the Palestinian people, on social media, as he joins the likes of supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad, singers Zayn Malik and Dua Lipa. 

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