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Anna Mckeown Expands Unique, High-End Celebratory-Themed Art Brand

You can now add pops of colour to your home with the celebrity-loved artist’s new luxury perfume and champagne bottles or bespoke commissioned art pieces.

Whether it’s the iconic vibrant bottle prints adorning the homes of high-flying clients, high-end hotels, commercial spaces and restaurants or those bright, colourful abstract magazine cover pieces, Anna Mckeown’s artworks can only be described as creative and bold. And the conversation starters all have one thing in common: they are celebratory-themed while signifying a particular connection to a place, a person or a time gone by.

“I really enjoy creating artwork that brings vibrancy and energy to a room. The actual process of painting, the use of colour, the fluidity of the paint, the energy that I exert and the solitary nature of my practice, is central to the driving force behind my work,” the creative who graduated with a BA Hons degree in Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art, said. “My neon undertones and ‘Pollock’ like splashes are a signature of my style. I believe my work is fashionable and symbolises a celebration or a moment in time. I love the idea that each bottle has a different meaning to every client.”

Largely inspired by fashion and popular culture, Mckeown’s pops of colour have already attracted clients like Huda and Mona Kattan and Vogue and Spencer Mathews. And on the back of her success in Dubai, the Irish-born entrepreneur and artist behind “Pop & Toast,” has expanded her thriving e-commerce art brand. While relaunching it and renaming it the “Anna McKeown Collection,” Mckeown has added some exciting extras to her art portfolio.

The talent, who lives between Belfast and the emirate, has debuted an inspirational series of signed luxury perfume and bottle prints, including customised handpainted sculptural champagne bottles, with brands like Tom Ford, Channel and Jo Malone making an appearance. Plus, fans will be able to have the option of displaying bespoke commissioned art pieces and signature bottle wallpaper, with the latter set to be available soon. The “Anna McKeown Collection” is offering all aspects of an art project, from consultation to installation, whether for individuals or venues and businesses in residential and commercial spaces.

The expansion comes just three years after launching in Dubai and Ireland, when Mckeown created “Pop & Toast” in 2018 as a hobby while she taught art full-time. “Pop & Toast” will still feature as a sub-arm of Mckeown’s brand, offering all the favourite ready-to-buy prints by the artist who has exhibited in Ireland, Scotland, California, Mexico and Dubai.

Shipped worldwide, “Anna McKeown Collection” artwork can be purchased online. For ready to go prints go to @pop_and_toast, or for commissioned and bespoke art pieces, go to or the new website from mid June:

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