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Sara Alharbali, Founder of Luxury Product Brand Tajrid

The artist represents sacred Quranic verses in her own unique way.

If you’re looking for products that reflect urban values, offer luxurious finishes, and are inspired by Islamic and Arabic cultures, Tajrid is the brand for you, the brainchild of Sara Alharbali, a Syrian architect and urban designer based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With Tajrid, Alharbali examines the world around her and translates it into art, experimenting with various materials and approaches to create a final product that stands out.

Born and raised in Dubai, Alharbali is an experienced architect with BA in Architecture from the American University of Sharjah, and a master’s degree in Urban Design from University of California Berkeley. Over the course of her studies and the start of her career, Alharbali was involved in a handful of architecture and urban designs around the emirates, and was experienced in industrial art as well. By 2020, her work and experiences would pave the way to the eventual launch of her very own luxury brand, Tajrid.

Among her famous exhibits is the "Revelation Spectrogram," an artistic take on verses from the Holy Qur'an. By design, these exhibits, which are composed of various materials, feature Qur'anic verses as they would appear in audio waves on MP3 players. This includes "Al-Fatiha," translating as "The Opening," which currently comes in both Concrete Heptagon and Transparency Heptagon. The collection also features important chapters and verses from the Qur'an such as "Surat Al-Ikhlas," "Surat Al-Falaq," "Surat An-Nas," "Ayat Al-Kursi," "God is Near," and "Tranquility in Remembrance of God."

Alharbali has building connections yhat feature her collections to a wider audience. These include being accepted at the World Art Dubai, and the Artist Avenue section at The Hotel Show. She was also shortlisted for the "Arts of Silk Road Competition," the Ellington Art Foundation award for emerging artists in the Middle East. 

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