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5 Summer Fragrances That Will Take You On Vacation

It’s summer and time to do away with the heavy musky, woody scents of the winter, and spritz ourselves with airy, light, citrusy fresh fragrances to put a spring in our step for the season. We’ve hand-picked 5 summery fragrances featuring fresh florals, zesty citrus notes, and breezy ocean scents that will immediately transport you to your vacation of choice, be it Paris, the Maldives, or Mexico! These balanced blends of sweet and floral notes that are memorable yet subtle enough to not be too heavy for the summer heat, these will be your go-to perfumes for the entire season…

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Etro – White Magnolia Eau De Parfum (Unisex)

Etro’s White Magnolia eau de parfum is an ode to the beauty and wonder of nature where the brightness of flowers blends with creamy tones of musk and the enveloping warmth of boiseé notes. The brand’s new fragrance celebrates springtime with notes including Calabrian bergamot, freshly picked citrus fruits, complimented by the amber elegance of cedar wood. At the heart of the fragrance is the fresh floral accord of magnolia.

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BYREDO – Sundazed (Unisex)

BYREDO’s Sundazed makes for the perfect summer scent, and the name says it all as it means “to be seduced by the sun in a state of summer bliss.” Sundazed top notes of mandarin and Californian lemon awaken the senses to a bold heart of neroli and Arabian jasmine, followed by a cascade of white musk that injects this citrus scent with the endorphin rush of sugar on skin

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Givenchy – Irresistible Eau De Parfum

Givenchy’s Irresistible is a magnetic and alluring fragrance featuring base notes of Virginia cedar wood and musk, heart notes of rose and orris, headed by sparkling pear and ambrette, with an overall balanced floral, woody and fruity scent. An ultra-femme fragrance for women, the perfume is hard to resist

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Louis Vuitton - On the Beach Eau de Parfum

It’s all in the name! On the Beach is a front runner in picking your perfect summer scent, but also makes for the perfect go-to for all year long too. Its keynote, yuzu, is a summery citrus, but its other aromatic elements — like thyme, rosemary, pink pepper, cloves, and cypress — make it an addictive perfume.

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Issey Miyake - A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum

It’s rare when timeless fashion label, Issey Miyake, releases perfumes, but the brand has been crafting scents for three decades, and the latest may be very well become an instant favorite. Inside the perfect circle of magnifying glass is a scent dedicated to lilac, with hints of orange blossom that add to the perfume’s floral depth, which is perfected by almond milk and a touch of musk for a simple yet effective scent.

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