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La Senza Drops Loungewear Collection Inspired By The Middle East Region

The summer collection that’s available for a short while is all about empowering the everyday woman to fall in love with herself..

Loungewear is one of the few apparel categories that has flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic. And after wearing the cosy, comfortable items all day long, every day and seeing celebrities workin’ loungewear as a style statement, it isn’t surprising housebound consumers have been constantly trying to up their loungewear game.

If you’re become one of those bona fide loungewear fans who like an update every once in a while, La Senza’s much-anticipated “Dream Room” collection is likely to have the sassy options you’re looking for. inspired by the region, specifically the colourful Middle Eastern lanterns used for decoration and celebrations, some of the light pieces in the summer capsule collection come in bold colours like hot pink and tangerine. What’s more, the collection sees the Canadian retailer with a vision to create value-based and quality collections continuing its narrative to empower the everyday woman to fall in love with herself.

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