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5 Things To Know About Saudi Actress Sumaya Rida

The talented Saudi actress is a strong pillar in the Kingdom’s growing film & TV industry.

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Saudi actress Sumaya Rida has become household name in TV and cinema. Get to know the multi-faceted beauty with us:

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Rida is known for her breakout roles in television such as “Another Planet” and “Boxing Girls”. You can also watch the tour de force in big-screen appearances in “Junoon” and “Roll’em”.

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She started directing her own movies since her teen years. “I actually acted and directed short films when I was 12 years old. I loved how the whole family would gather to watch what I made, and to me it meant the whole world at that time, and filled me with passion,” she told Arab News.

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The Saudi creative performs in both English and Arabic and even mastered once the bedouin accent for a show.

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Rida is an acting force in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objective of bolstering the film industry. She hopes to see more investment in Saudi writers, producers and directors with strong abilities to depict the Kingdom to the world.

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Her newest venture is “Rupture,” a Saudi-made psychological thriller directed by Hamzah Kamal Jamjoom, produced by Ayman Kamal Khoja and funded by MBC Studios.

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