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Saudi Designer Nora Al Shaikh Blends Color Combos with Strong Architectural Lines

Get to know the talented designer

With a true passion for fashion, Nora Al Shaikh is a Jeddah-based designer renowned for her modern, luxurious dresses that fuse Saudi Arabian heritage with global perspectives. A quick glance at her pieces and anyone can see the art and architecture that inspires each.

Nora Al Shaikh

Indeed, Al Shaikh’s designs often draw inspiration from the world around her. During her travels, whether it's the people she encounters, the architecture she comes across, or art installations she observes, Al Shaikh draws inspiration from every encounter, using all that visual information to design her dresses for a global audience. This is combined with Saudi heritage, which Al Shaikh praises for its rich diversity.

Her journey into the world of fashion began at the young age of eight, when Al Shaikh was preparing for her aunt's wedding. With excitement, her mother bought her fabric to design her own dress with, and, to her astonishment, was pleasantly amazed when it came back from the tailor. It is this moment that perhaps inspired her to make dress design a full-time career with the launch of her first line of ready-to-wear in 2012.

Admittedly, the Middle East wasn't seen as a competitive fashion scene when compared to Europe and the United States, which is what pushed Al Shaikh to put together a dedicated team of seamstresses and pattern makers. It's safe to say that Al Shaikh's hard work has paid off. Today, Al Shaikh has a strong following of loyal clients who order her lines of dresses around the world. In addition, her products are also featured in many retailers across the Middle East, including Dubai, Doha, Kuwait, and, yes, even Jeddah. 

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