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The Style & Success of Aiisha Ramadan, a Dubai-based Lebanese Fashion Designer

A fashion guru, an award-winning designer, a certified professional trainer, and a transurfing instructor who emphasizes self-empowerment, all these and more define Aiisha Ramadan. A Lebanese fashion designer based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ramadan is known as the founder of the AIISHA fashion label. Through AIISHA and her other endeavors, Ramadan has made a name for herself by innovating the contemporary fashion scene with some of the finest, handcrafted garments that appeal to various consumers and age groups.

Her journey into the world of fashion has been an inspiring one, with her setting the bar higher and higher every step of the way. While studying at the American University of Dubai, prior to the launch of her label, Ramadan was best known for winning a handful of prestigious awards such as Young Designer of the Year by Swarovski and Al Ghurair Center Award. Since then, she was also named one of 30 Most Awesome Women in the Arab World in 2009 by Arabian Woman Magazine, and awarded The Gr8! Women Achiever Awards in 2011. In addition, the AIISHA Resort 2019 won the Buyer’s Choice Award in 2018.

In 2007, she founded AIISHA, a label based around couture and, by 2013, began to reinvent couture in contemporary fashion scenes. Ramadan aims to achieve this by working on two trendy collections per year for all her lines, which include ready-to-wear, couture, and bridal. Each of the garments, made to appeal to various age groups, are carefully crafted by hand with luxurious fabrics at affordable prices, with Ramadan combining what's trending with her self-reflection and personal taste.

In fact, AIISHA has become a label of choice for many famous celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Aishwarya Rai, and Ariana Grande. So far, AIISHA has been featured in shows and exhibitions in Paris, New York, Kazakhstan, Amman, and Marrakech, in addition to being featured by Arab Fashion Week and Fashion Forward. 

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