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Tata Harper Skincare’s Superkind Is All Your Skin Needs

Adored by celebrities, beauty editors and loyal customers across the globe, Tata Harper has revolutionized luxury skincare by creating high-performing products that are non-toxic and 100% natural. The skincare label produces highly effective and luxurious anti-aging beauty products that are completely free of synthetic and chemical ingredients. Researched, developed and produced in-house with advanced 100% natural ingredients, Tata Harper is committed to creating the most effective skincare products in the world.

Introducing “Superkind,” Tata Harper Skincare has launched a range formulated with meticulously curated ingredients to fortify the skin barrier and revitalize reactive skin, because sometimes life can leave skin weak. “Superkind” is made from meticulously curated ingredients for stress-free formulas, with no harsh sulfates, exfoliants or beta-hydroxy acids, no tree nuts, wheat, gluten, or soy no fragrances or essential oils free from 75+ common skin trigger

The range of three products is designed to replenish, fortify, and optimize the skin barrier, rebalancing the microbiome and acid mantle filter and defend against irritants and aggressors, comforting and soothing irritated and stressed skin. The products include the Softening Cleanser, Fortifying Moisturiser and Radiance Mask, each designed to cater to sensitive and sensitized skin without compromising on powerful formulations for powerful results.

“Superkind” has the “SkinSAFE TRUSTED CHOICE” seal of approval, awarded “Good for Sensitive Skin.” This means that in addition to being Hypoallergenic, the “Superkind” range is also clinically tested to demonstrate that it’s made to be gentle on skin and limit potential sensitivities by excluding potentially irritating ingredients. Every “Superkind” formula passes a rigorous data review process that includes skin patch testing, absence of the most common fragrance allergens, and purity of ingredient assessments, just to name a few.

The Tata Harper Superkind range is available in the Middle East at, Harvey Nichols Dubai and Bloomingdale’s.

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