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Shop till You Drop: 5 Markets to Visit in Saudi Arabia

Whether you need to grab some groceries or are looking to spend a day searching for the latest trends to fill your wardrobe, shopping is part of the every day and can be an enjoyable experience when done in the right place and at the right time. To our heart's desire, Saudi Arabia is home to many top shopping spots in the region, offering an array of local markets that are famous for their authentic atmospheres. So, it's time to mark a couple hours from our busy schedules and head out to discover five markets worth shopping at till we drop.

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Souq Al Thumairi

Situated near Masmak Fortress in Al Diraiyah, Riyadh, Souq Al Thumairi is a favorite spot for authentic arts and crafts. You can find anything from spices to coffee beans, or even rugs, jewelries, and Arabian daggers. Perhaps if you're looking for something to eat, then just head over to the local food stalls available. Indeed, it's no wonder why people love spending their time and money at Souq Al Thumairi.

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Souq Al Alawi

Situated in the old city of Jeddah, Souq Al Alawi is a great place for authentic Arabian goods. Look hard enough, and you may find anything from spices to Arabian dresses, jewelries, and Islamic arts. This market is especially popular during the Hajj season as pilgrims stop by to make a bargain.

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Ha'il Flea Market

Ha'il is a city that sits at the center of old heritage and commerce, making it one of the Kingdom's top destinations for shoppers. Shopping at Ha'il Flea Market is an experience for, as the name implies, you're likely going to find vintage goods such as old clothes, rugs, or appliances, and other stuff you probably wouldn't expect. On your next trip to Ha'il, be sure to pay this flea market a visit and see what the sellers might have to offer.

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Filipino Market

Perhaps you're in Dammam and craving delicious, Southeast Asia cuisines, then why not head over to the Filipino Market? There you will find an assortment of Filipino and Thai foods ranging from fast foods to noodles. Among the popular chains that you should try out include Jollibee, Pasalubong Bakery, Ilonggo’s, and Chowking.

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Kingdom Tower

A popular landmark in Riyadh, Kingdom Tower is more of a modern mall than a traditional market, but it has to be on your list of places to shop, as it promises to leave shoppers spoiled for choice. From Vox Cinemas to top brands like Gucci, Burberry, or Mont Blanc, you're likely going to find what you need at this shopping mall. In fact, the second floor is cleverly named the "Ladies' Kingdom," with over 40 exclusive bouquets available just for the ladies.

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