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FOREO Teams Up With Arab Artist Dina Sami For Ramadan

Doing good doesn’t only benefit other people as it has proven health benefits...

Palestinian artist Dina Sami has collaborated with FOREO for their Ramadan “Kindness” campaign. While working on the visual identity of the campaign that aims to encourage kindness, the Dubai-based artist has communicated compassion through her immaculate illustrations, highlighting community, love and good deeds during the Holy Month. Sami, who has agency experience under her belt and works alongside clients directly, brings to life the concept of how paying kindness forward is a domino effect. The artist, always known for having a sketchbook in hand, has a vision for her illustrations to tell stories that connect with people.

“I wanted to create something that can visually serve as a reminder of the importance of being kind to one another, not just during the Holy Month of Ramadan, but every day of the year,” the Creative Director by profession and illustrator at heart said. “I love that FOREO is one of the few beauty brands that is not afraid of pushing boundaries while staying true to their vision.”

The revolutionary Swedish beauty brand is challenging us all to practice more acts of kindness each day with their creative new collaboration. And to give us a helping hand they have suggested simple acts of kindness we can do every day during Ramadan on their social media page. Each day, there’s a new act of kindness put forward or alternatively, they want us to share love with the ones who need it the most using #KindnessWithFOREO!

Did you know?
With many still facing the COVID-19 pandemic and perhaps feeling anxious about health, families, jobs and uncertain future, there isn’t a better way to ease the mind than to perform acts of benevolence. Good deeds and small acts of humanity have been proven to boost self-esteem and well-being. Doing something thoughtful also lowers blood pressure and cortisol (stress levels) and increases serotonin (happiness levels).

Special Gift Boxes
If you’d like to impress a loved one, the peeps at FOREO have turned to Sami to create unique gift boxes that will be available in chosen Sephora stores across Dubai. Along with that they are offering weekly giveaways that make it possible to win the box filled with FOREO goodies so you can make the most of your “me-time” or share the box with someone who needs extra touch of kindness this Ramadan. 

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