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Kayali Just Dropped A Scent To Die For

Kayali is the brainchild of Huda Beauty co-founder, Mona Kattan, for whom scent is sacred and embedded in her Middle Eastern heritage. The word, Kayali, translates from Arabic to ‘my imagination,’ and the brand advocates for a contemporary vision. Kayali produces complex scents with strong characters and unique points of view. Intelligently designed to be layered and combined, the Eau de Parfums are composed of the rarest and most precious natural ingredients from around the world.

With her latest fragrance drop, Mona Kattan has just launched her sixth jewel in the KAYALI collection, Sweet Diamond Pepper | 25 Eau de Parfum Intense, which is the debut intense scent from the brand and signifies the perfume’s powerful fragrance concentration.

Sweet Diamond is inspired by Mona’s fascination with the pink pepper note, which encompasses luxury, sweetness, warmth and spice – a heady fragrance with many layers that make up an addictive blend of floral, woody and fresh peppery accords that is easy to wear and even easier to remember.

Mona’s obsession with pink pepper started back in 2018 when the beauty entrepreneur was in Grasse, France visiting with the brand’s fine fragrance partner, Firmenich. She came across the complex pink pepper note during one of her many fragrance-smelling sessions with the team and was fascinated by its performance and olfactive impression. Mona found that pink pepper is spicy and fresh but also deeply aromatic, and so she set out with Firmenich and her KAYALI team to concoct a modern spin on the unique fragrance note.

Speaking about the new perfume, Mona says, “I’ve always been fascinated with the transformative power of fragrance and how certain notes and ingredients can inspire a specific mood or feeling. I am a shameless, hopeless romantic to my core and with Pink Pepper, I was taken away - it was literally love at first smell,” and concluded, “Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 is our creation - a super sensual yet intense eau de parfum - a beautiful balance of sweet and spicy, soft and strong…This is our most addictive juice to date and I am completely OBSESSED!”

Featuring a bespoke blend of precious ingredients, Sweet Diamond Pepper | 25 Eau de Parfum Intense comprises radiant bergamot amongst the spiciness of pink pepper, a fresh note of royal lily and saffron, inspired by Mona’s Iranian heritage. The fragrance also has notes of Bulgarian rose intertwined with rose centifolia, along with vanilla orchid, which completes the entire sensual bouquet, bringing a cozy warmth to the base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, musk and golden amber.

With a generous concentration of 25% oil – a concentration typically synonymous with fragrance parfums or extracts – the Eau de Parfum Intense is both powerfully long-lasting. Being so familiar with perfumes and how to make them last, Mona shared her top tips on how to use KAYALI scents, which include spritzing your pulse points and clothes with the fragrance, and just like the founder of the fragrance brand herself, spray your hair towel with Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 before drying your hair, as it will leave a delicate sweet sillage. 

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