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Chef Manal Hosts Vegan Cooking Show This Ramadan

With a far higher number of people serving plant based, or semi plant-based foods while breaking the fast, the special episodes offers some ultra-tasty takes…

If you’re one of the people across the region who has chosen to integrate plant-based eating into your diet and hope to stay on track during Ramadan, “Cooking Tales” is the cooking show to turn to. Sponsored by Flora Plant, the novel Ramadan special with three exclusively plant-based episodes offers tasty, healthy and sustainable recipe twists on well-loved Iftar recipes. Starring the well-loved queen of Arabian cooking, Chef Manal, and influencer host Ahmed Al Nasheet, it is perfect viewing for home cooks and bakers aiming to steer clear of products that derive from animal sources and looking for a host of recipe ideas and top cooking tips.

Originally aired on Mazaj and now available on via Flora Plant’s Facebook and YouTube pages, each episode comes with high energy and entertaining entertainment thanks to the top millennial influencers Ragha Fahmi, Layla Akil and Rawan and Rayan Fahmi testing out the new dishes alongside Manal. Showing off their culinary skills, they take dishes like Kunafa, Fatayer and Date Tart and turn them into dairy and meat-free show-stoppers to share with their families. As the popular guests take on the challenge, they show how plant-based alternatives are not only healthy and sustainably sound, but are as yummy and dynamic as their meat and dairy counterparts.

Flora Plant products include allergen-free and dairy-free butter and cream. The innovative VioLife cheese brand, which is part of the Upfield group too, is also featured in the episodes.

Did you know?
Fifty-eight percent of Saudis say they try to eat plant-based foods, while 55 percent believe plant-based food is better for their health.

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