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According To Your Horoscope, What's Your Decorating Style? (Part 1)

Is astrology, which so many people are turning to while feeling disconnected, the answer to your spring décor dilemma?

There isn’t a better season than spring to spruce up your interiors. It’s the perfect time to showcase your next-level creativity, especially when it comes to choosing unexpected colour schemes and flaunting that love of nature.

According to research, people often turn to astrology in response to stress and anxiety and when aiming for future goals. And there certainly has been a huge surge of interest in looking to the stars for truth and guidance during the pandemic. While there was rising interest in astrology before COVID-19 hit us hard, especially with millennials, last year seems to have really fuelled the fire.

So as we continue looking for support, connection and self-knowledge, our astrological signs are definitely worth looking into when contemplating options for a serious décor and garden upgrade this spring. Thankfully, apartment rental brand Essential Living has teamed up with colour expert Momtaz Begum-Hossain for a guide highlighting which colours and plants we need in our homes, according to our star signs.

Click through to see whether you should be going for pastels and water lilies or fiery reds and poppies.

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Aries (March 21- April 19) 

Colours: As an Aries you are motivated and driven by anything that can be become a contest. To match your haven with your optimistic personality, you should add fiery reds and bright oranges into your home, a surefire way to put that spring into your step.

If you are specifically thinking of something refreshing for spring, bright colours are the way to do it. “High-energy colours like orange and yellow are visually stimulating and uplifting, and their vivid tones are energising, making you feel awake,” Momtaz says.

The best way to incorporate these vibrant hues into your space is through accessories since experts recommend your wall colours remain neutral, which was revealed as the biggest trend for 2021. Whether it’s a lampshade, cushions or a throw, picking something out in bold colours will transform your home beautifully for spring. 

However, these kinds of daring colours should be avoided in the bedroom as their energetic aesthetic can be over-stimulating when you’re trying to relax. “Within the orange spectrum, the best shade for a bedroom would be a soft apricot. It’s warm enough to be uplifting and welcoming, yet light enough not to distract,” Momtaz advices.

Flower: The top flower for an Aries is the poppy. The luckiest bloom for Arians is beautiful, cheerful, energetic and bees simply cannot resist being drawn to it, encouraging wildlife into your gardens. Poppies thrive in alkaline, acid or neutral soil, so for the best results, grow in well-drained soil under the sun. 

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Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Colours:  Taurian women are known to revel in being in touch with her natural, sensual side. They are ruled by the feminine Venus, so they should look at focusing on pops of pink in their homes. 

Momtaz highly leans towards a trio of turquoise, cream and pink, which are hues she describes as “summery,” “classic” and “appealing.” She believes they are the perfect combination to embrace one’s sensual side. 

Flower: When it comes to your garden, daisies are just the thing as they symbolise innocence and purity. With proper care, daisies can last around two to three years, and just like their jovial appearance, they are sun-loving plants. For best results, plant them in full sun, using a mix of organic matter, including sand, peat moss and manure compost.

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Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Colours: Geminis have the reputation of being positive and uplifting, but they can also change their minds quickly. Known as social butterflies of the zodiac, they can talk to anyone about anything.

At home, experts say Geminis should make use of yellows and earthy greens, which Momtaz describes as “an underrated bedroom shade.”

“Green is the colour of balance, harmony and growth,” she says. “When you’re going through periods of change, work-related stress, personal anxiety or relationship strains, green can offer comfort.”

Adding elements of green in your sanctuary, whether it’s via some plants, a rug or bedding, will promote peacefulness. Rest assured that after entering a space that features the hue while feeling distressed, you will begin to calm down.

Flower: The best blooms to grow in your garden as a Gemini are tansies. Along with being beautifully bright and uplifting, tansies provide several benefits in the garden, like being a reliable garden protector. They also require very little maintenance.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Colours: Ruled by the moon, Canceranians are renowned for showing emotions and being over-protective, which links with soft, nurturing and amenable colours. The hues they should reach out for this spring are white, grey and silver. A lucky thing as specialists have revealed this year's most sought-after bedding comes in white, grey and blue. These soft, harmonious shades are perfect for elevating a mood of relaxation and serenity inside your home. 

“For an even more blissful night’s sleep, introduce accents of silver,” Momtaz says. “Moonlight and silver share a connection; the moon is a symbol of winding down for the evening so will promote relaxation.”  

Flower: If you’re lucky enough to have ponds, water lilies are the best addition to your garden setting. While they have Canceranian qualities and abilities like an almost psychic sensitivity to energy and emotion, they spread out over the water’s surface in order to catch all the sunlight they need to grow properly. This helps shelter your fish during those hot summer days. 

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Leo (July 23-August 22)

Colours: Leos are mostly warm hearted and thrive in creative areas. They are also known to be the most confident of the star signs, and their homes should mirror that. 

A melange of royal and sky blue, combined with mustard yellow is a “bold, striking combination that commands attention, and makes a statement,” according to Momtaz, making it a prime choice for a Leo’s home this spring. Burnt orange is another recommended colour for this star sign.

If you want to show extra assertion, royal blue is the majestic option to go for. It’s bold, head-turning and luxurious, and can make you feel like you’re living in a stately home, even if you’re actually in a contemporary apartment. 

Flower: Your vivacious personality is best expressed through the sunflower. These flowers don’t just look lovely, they have many benefits including their cut flowers and free edible seeds. They also help detox contaminated soil and attract bees and pest-patrolling birds to improve your harvest.

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Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Colours: With an intelligent and analytical nature, Virgos can sometimes focus on the negative side of things. So incorporating earthy colours such as greens and blues is the way to go as this will help inspire a more positive outlook.

As Virgos can also experience bad dreams, incorporating these shades into your bedroom is particularly important. Momtaz recommends creating a soothing, tranquil paradise in your bedroom by opting for a colour palette that stars fresh blues and earthy greens.

“Green signifies nature, and restores equilibrium so will soak up any negative tensions,” she says. “You can enhance the power of green further by introducing plant life into the bedroom, such as trailing ivy, which also purifies the air.”

Plant: Ivy is one of the best houseplants to invest in as it is blessed with medicinal benefits. Did you know it can drastically reduce the airborne mould in a room in just hours? This is seriously good news for allergy sufferers in search of a good night’s sleep.

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