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18 Ways To Amp Up Your Ramadan and Eid Gatherings At Home

Some ideas to add to your shopping basket as you begin sharing priceless family moments and welcoming the spirit of Ramadan into your sanctuary.

Ramadan has come knocking on our doors and although spirituality and donating to the less fortunate is a priority during the month of giving, it’s also a wonderful time to show your love and appreciation to your nearest and dearest and strengthen that relationship even more. And one of the best ways to do this is to create special moments at home that will turn into warm, lifelong memories. While COVID-19 may mean the gatherings are much smaller and perhaps less frequent during this Holy Month, it doesn’t have to mean getting slack about enhancing your home with things that will add that WOW factor while you’re hosting.

For show-stopping decorative pieces, including candle holders and lanterns, we’ve picked out pieces with a traditional emphasis on gold accents or something that’s calligraphy-decorated. Plus, in the edit, you’ll find colourful pieces with an Arabesque vibe that make the perfect serving solutions and brighten up your space, whether it’s a standout tray or something to serve snacks in. There are also some stunning floral arrangements (one curation for your tablescape even comes with candles) that will make instant talking points (and fabulous Instagram posts) once everyone is gathered around.

Serving tea and coffee is an integral perfect of any Ramadan meeting, and we’ve found some ways for you to take your hot drinks game to the next-level. Plus, of course, whether it’s while ending your Iftar or suhoor or simply meeting up after sunset, there’s always a sweet note. As well as featuring mouth-watering limited edition flavours associated with Ramadan, the treats on our radar come in specially designed packaging that helps amp up the special atmosphere you’re gunning to create.

Last but not least, out of all of our senses, smell has the strongest emotional link and can really add to a welcoming, comfortable and inviting ambience. In addition to having a positive impact, a pleasant smell can make visitors feel so much more relaxed. So whether you prefer reed diffusers, scented candles or essential oils to help create a vital and obvious conncetion with your guests, we’ve got you covered.

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Atmosphera decor ights at Al-Futtaim ACE
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Aya The Art of Living boxes with mother of pearl, colourful Marquetry and tin inlay in walnut wood and plexi-glass at Tanagra
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BLACK AND BLANC "La Madeleine" flower arrangement with blue hydrangeas for a Ramadan theme in white box
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Feel Good Tea Co. "Discovery" box for Ramadan with 15 high-grade quality teas
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Fine Blooms x Shamaa ready-made bespoke table arrangemnet with red roses and blue blooms
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Home Centre "Layali" collection, including the "Mystic" candleholders and "Mystic Calligraph" vases with gold calligraphy detailing and "Mystic Rhomba" metal lantern
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Images D'Orient moucharabieh tin box with mug and bowl in bone china with colourful pattern at Bloomingdale's
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Ixora home diffuser with "Relax" essential oil blend
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LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW "Love Selection" box with a selection of gourmet liquorice including The Original, Salt & Caramel, Strawberry & Cream and Fruity Caramel
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Lotsa! Lazy Cake "Ramadan Kareem" box of 36 biscuits with Ramadan inspired flavours and specially designed sleeve decorated with gold traditional Arabic patterns
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Marks & Spencer "Grapefruit and Ginger" diffuser sticks
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Marks & Spencer beaded lantern
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Orchid Wave "Cawa" cup set of 12 pieces with gold-toned detailing at Al-Futtaim ACE
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Rituals Cosmetics "The Ritual of Oudh" scented candle
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Royal Furniture wall decor with meaningful message
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Silsal colourful porcelain "Fairuz Crescent Mubkhar" with gilded crescent moon at Bloomingdale's
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Sugargram box of 25 bite-sized cupcakes with seasonal favourites like saffron, date, coffee, Vimto and karak chai and special Ramadan sleeve
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The Art Trove colourful and fun "Illustration Board" tray in blue with evil eye motif on KINZZI.COM

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