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Ramadan 2021: Where To Iftar In Dubai

With Dubai on a major vaccination drive and ensuring the safety of its citizens and residents, the city will be celebrating Ramadan in the pre-pandemic way – sort of. Of course COVID-19 restrictions apply, but those celebrating in the Emirate will be able to enjoy social gatherings outside of their family bubbles as restaurants prepare their Iftar and Suhoor menus whilst staying mindful of safety protocols.

This year, Ramadan will take place from 12th April – May 11th depending on the sighting of the new moon, and there are many festivities to be enjoyed throughout the month in the vibrant city of Dubai and this is’s top 5 Iftar roundup for 2021….

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LPM Restaurant & Bar – DIFC

Le Petit Maison in the city’s DIFC area is offering up a French-Mediterranean style iftar this year.

At 240AED per person, indulge in a set menu including, a welcome berverage, soup, dates, two starters, a main course, and dessert, with the option to either dine in or have the feast delivered to your door… 

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The Restaurant – The Address Beach Resort

A traditional menu, outdoor settings and views of Dubai Ain and the Bluewaters Island, The Restaurant at The Address Beach Resort makes for a perfect evening of dining and socializing. Offering up an opulent variety of Arabic delicacies from The Restaurant’s lavish buffet with live carving and dessert stations.

You’ll be spoilt for choice at 198AED per adult, and 99AED per child.

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L’ETO is the quaint café many enjoy for their visually pleasing desserts, coffees and brunch menus, and the chain has something up its sleeve especially for Ramadan. Break your fast at L’ETO with a dine in menu to indulge in. Expect traditional dishes, with a home-cooked feel, such as a slow braised lamb shoulder with Persian jeweled rice, soups, salads, refreshing juices and more.

If you don’t feel like dining out, you can also choose from four different Iftar boxes containing dishes such as home made falafel, Moroccan oven grilled chicken and more, for 159AED. Each box serves up to 2 people. 

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Chival – La Ville Hotel Citywalk

Known for its creative touch, this chic boutique hotel has curated a fabulous family-style sharing Arabic menu for the holy month – with a dine in or delivery option too!
Dishes include a selection of Middle Eastern salads and cold mezze, followed by a variety of soups, hot mezze with the main menu including lamb shank with ouzi rice, baked seabream with tahini, Dawood Basha, and an Iranian mixed grill.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with desserts such as rose scented halwa cheesecake, orange blossom scented panacotta, as well as a selection of Arabic desserts. The package costs 239AED per adult, 119AED per child and 169 per person for groups of 10 or more. 

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Designed to be shared, Asil’s Ramadan set menu contains rich dishes that blend Turkish spices, Lebanese flavors, and Moroccan tastes. The menu features over 30 different dishes that are cycled daily so that every visit is a different experience.

Break your fast with a platter of fresh dates, apricots, walnuts, and a cheese board, followed by a selection of warming soups, mezze, Turkish grills, mouloukhiya, Lebanese kibbeh bil laban, Moroccan fish dishes and much more, topped off with a decadent dessert. The dessert offering includes traditional treats such as umm ali and kunafa along with a selection of teas. The restaurant will open daily at 6pm for Iftar. 

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