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Hair Lamination: The Sleek Hair Service To Go For This Season

As well as coating and sealing hair cuticles to protect hair from losing moisture and being damaged by extremities like heat, it leaves an intensified shine.

Did you give eyebrow lamination a try after fangirling over Huda Kattan or Cara Delevingne’s full, feathery and thick brows? Well, it may be time to go that step further and book an appointment for hair lamination, the hair industry’s own version, if your hair looks dull, damaged, frizzy or dry. The revolutionary treatment trend will help your locks look instantly super shiny and glossy, (we’re talking that Kim Kardashian kind of lustre), thicker and feel oh so smooth and soft to the touch.

The process is perfect for women living in the Middle East or other hot spots as it guards the hair from losing moisture, whether that’s due to sunlight, toxins or constantly washing it. What’s more, as it only takes eight seconds, it’s a bona fide time-saver.

How it works

The peeps at UAE salon chain Sisters Beauty Lounge describe the craze they coined as “make-up for the hair.” The treatment that works on the exterior of your hair at the backwash starts straight after your hair has been shampooed and conditioned. The salon experts coat your hair with a laminate, a special mixture of active ingredients like gelatin, keratin or a variety of oils. Once the formula is applied it is left to sink into the hair follicles and then washed off. The lamination is only activated when heat from a hair tool like a hair dryer or straightener is applied. The eight-second treatment forms a protective layer over each strand of hair, to close cuticle scales and recondition the proteins that have a large role in the hair-repair process.

The Pros and Cons

Protection against environmental aggressors that can damage our hair, a high shine finish, a boost in volume and improved quality of the hair fibre, which prevents frizz and split ends, are some of the top advantages of going for the treatment. What’s more, hair lamination locks water into the hair, leaving it up to eight times more hydrated and five times more nourished. And as well as providing protection from dryness, the low-cost treatment can help uphold hair colour and make hair stronger by forming a collagen coating, not to mention velvety soft.

The only drawback is salons recommend clients go back every month or so to repeat the treatment for maximum benefit. 

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