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The Best Beauty Oils Of 2021

From Augustinus Bader to Sunday Riely and Huda Kattan’s Wishful, beauty oils have become every skincare maven’s must-have product. 

When you add an oil to the end of your skincare routine, it not only locks in any lost moisture, but also regulates and prevents the overproduction of sebum and breakouts. Face oils also mimic your skin’s own natural oils and replace any lost hydration following any abrasive exfoliating or acid peels and toning.

In 2021, beauty oils are essential, and these are the top 5 oils for all skin types (and budgets) to try now…

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The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil ($10)

Rosehip seed oil is one of the most used ingredients across a number of skin oils and for good reason! Rosehip seed oil contains a high level of Vitamin A which works as the perfect anti-ageing ingredient. The Ordinary’s oil is the perfect addition to your skin care routine for a minimal cost with maximum results. Shop it here.

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WISHFUL Get Even Rose Oil ($30)

Wishful’s Get Even Rose Oil locks in moisture as it contains 15 exceptionally nourishing oils, including rosehip and Damascus rose, illuminates your tone and grants a glass-skin finish. WARNING: Regular use will cause flawless skin. Shop it here.

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NUXE Organic Ultimate Night Recovery Oil with Rice Oil Extract ($50)

Nuxe’s glow bestowing Organic Ultimate Night Recovery Oil is brimming with a cocktail of plant-derived oils that feed your skin will replenishing fatty acids while you sleep. Expect radiant, supple skin with a renewed firmness. The super ingredients include, rice grown in the Camargue region of Southern France that's extracted with an environmentally friendly method for its skin-strengthening, restorative qualities, as well as avocado, jojoba, macadamia and sesame oils as they possess an abundance of nourishing, antioxidative properties. Shop it here.

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Herbivore Orchid Youth Preserving Facial Oil ($74)

There is no minimum age on when we should start using anti-aging oils and potions. Herbivore’s clean, age-defying, super-hydrating and glow-boosting formula, Orchid Youth Preserving Facial Oil is abundant in magic for your skin. It contains ZERO synthetics of unnecessary fillers, and utilises only hard-working botanicals to work its skin-loving magic, so you can be sure you’re only putting good-for-you ingredients on your skin. As with all Herbivore’s formulas, the ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free and synthetic-free plus the packaging is recyclable and reusable. Shop it here.

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Augustinus Bader Face Oil ($248)

Ok, its not the most budget friendly, but if you have the means, Face Oil from Augustinus Bader is the holy grail when it comes to beauty preserving oils. Deeply nourishing and restorative - all with a light-as-a-feather, radiant finish, this oil contains the renowned TFC8 complex - a complex of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesized molecules naturally found in skin which help rejuvenation and renewal - there's an impressive cocktail of botanical oils in the mix too. This elixir is formulated to preserve your youth, diminish wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, boost elasticity and empower your skin's barrier to promote a supple effect and maintain a healthy microbiome; shield against potentially damaging free radicals with a medley of antioxidants and deeply hydrate your skin. Yes – ALL of that! Shop it here.

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