Taste the Underground Nightlife in Dubai

Back home, you might be used to the regular gatherings at the local pub-slash-club. In Dubai, things are a little different… the best gatherings are held in lavish five-star hotels.

They say that the weekend starts on a Thursday night in the City of Gold, and that’s true. Although, news of nocturnal entertainment is not easy for promoters to disseminate. For the future, many promoters including those at The 264 Cru, are looking toward building programmed venues that are moderately priced; and most importantly, offer a diverse place, rich in culture where everyone’s fears and insecurities fall away. Here are a few must-find functions:

The Analogue Room

Looking to skip the plastic crowd? Well, when the sun sets you can immerse yourself in deep house sounds at this popular underground joint. Online, The Culture Trip informs readers that they will have to track down the party as it moves from roof to roof.

The 264 Cru

“Our initial goal wasn't just to throw a party, it was to give the music we love a home in Dubai, while creating this environment, where exploration, experience, and fun could all coexist with each other.” That is what a member of the “cru” had to say on their own website. Following these DJ’s around, you are promised to be a part of something vibrant and energetic.

The Secret Circle
When the “bling-bling” venues start to lose their appeal, you can join The Secret Circle. They are known for offering the most intense parties in the city. A partygoer commented: “Secret Circle is the place where I forget about everything... Music takes my thoughts and replaces them with good karma.” One ticket for good karma please!


This lot takes their stuff seriously, forming for one reason only- the music. Their Facebook page reads: “Its (music) power and intensity are the values we hold dear. Together, we are the physical quantity to this experience.” Also on their page, ravers can check out their party season dates.

In the end, anyone could predict the evolution of Dubai’s underground party scene, and it will only snowball from here. So, if you’re the type of traveler who hungers for something different on the dancefloor you can be sure that you will be in for a really inviting slice of underground nightlife in Dubai.

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