Muslim Musicians You Need To Know


AboutHer rounds up five major musicians and public figures that follow the religion of Islam.

Yassin Alsalman

This Iraqi-Canadian journalist doesn’t stop at writing about news. When performing on stage, you can call him The Narcicyst. His most popular track, “Hamdullillah”, has over a million views- elevating Arab hip-hop to the next level. The artist grew up between Iraq and the UAE, but now he has settled in Monteral, Canada.

Alsarah & The Nubatones

Currently touring around Europe, Alsarah and her band create the most mystical, tribal-sounding beats. Leaving her homeland Sudan, she had a difficult time adjusting to her new abode in the USA. One of the main comforts during the tough times was music. Making her mark with infectious tune, “Soukura (It's Late)”, her music can be described as Eastern retro-pop.

Yusuf Islam

Formerly known as Cat Stevens, one can recall tunes like “Wild World”, and, “Morning Has Broken”. Converting to Islam in 1977, he became Yusuf Islam. Fans doubted that he would pick up a guitar again, but this is what he told Al Jazeera in 2012: “It was my son who finally brought the guitar back into the house. He just left it, and I was surprised that I remembered where my fingers should go.” This November, the singer will tour Australia.


This Iranian-Dutch songstress is known for her haunting track, “Human”. On the 26th of April, Sevdaliza released her debut album, ISON. Critics have labeled this trip-hop album “otherworldly” and “adventurous”. Once heading for a career in basketball, Sevdaliza hasn’t looked back since she started her musical journey.


Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf are the Pakistani-American sisters that make up EDM band Krewella. These sisters were always passionate about all forms of art and were ready to create exhilarating music in 2007. Yasmine told Time Out Chicago: “We’re always representing, first and foremost our city of Chicago, but after that we’re definitely prideful of where our parents came from.”

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