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Into the Future with Boshia Burgess

Have you heard of the Futuristic Monochromatic Hijabi style? That’s how Instagram rising star Boshia Raejean Burgess (@boshiaraejean) describes the layers she wraps herself in. We browse her beautifully curated Instagram gallery as she tells us how ‘the look’ came to be.


Born in Livingston, New Jersey, Boshia was dubbed the “Layer Queen” in school. Worthy of the nickname, she certainly knows how to pick pieces that will transport passersby into a time that is far beyond this day and age.

The creative soul gives us some directions into this futuristic style. “When I was younger, I always wondered how I can ‘get the look’. As I got older, I realized that the ‘look’ was not something I bought but something that I felt,” she told us.



She makes achieving the style sound effortless, “Layers are key, they should be within the same color tones. Don't forget to be as comfortable as possible- I wear sneakers with almost everything. I can't forget the thought process, I think about how the outfit can be interchangeable or durable for the climate and places I will go to.”



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Before becoming a fashionista of the future, Burgess experimented with looks ranging from 80’s retro to boho-chic. She did enjoy her boho-chic phase, wearing long skirts and choosing earthy tones, but she didn’t feel a strong enough connection to it.

While soul searching, she found something that she felt comfortable in. Knowing all about different strokes for different folks, Burgess always encourages women to put their own spin on looks that inspire them.



For Burgess, fashion runs deeper than just material. “The fact that you can transfer energy from one piece to the next and make your outfit timeless that's what fashion is all about- a vibrant transfer of energy,” she explained. She garners garments from Goodwill, H&M, and Zara.

Her goal is to be able to travel around with just one bag, and we have confidence that while she continues her journey she will look absolutely out of this world.



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