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Wishful's New Fatigue Fighting Product Is Here to The Rescue

Huda’s skincare line, Wishful, has just launched its fatigue-fighting, magical masks that will keep your skin looking tight and feeling bright. Made up of a unique concoction of effective ingredients and nature’s finest extracts, Wishful’s Eye Lift & Snatch Instant Sculpting Masks are infused with powerful peptides and plant stem cells to lift and firm the eye area so you’ll look bright-eyed in just 30 minutes. Each contoured mask effortlessly sticks to the under-eye skin without the usual, annoying slippage. Since Eye Lift & Snatch won’t slide around your face, you can refresh those tired eyes while going about your daily business without a glitch.

“We could all do with a bit more sleep, so after creating our jawline snatching Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Masks, I wanted to create an eye-specific equivalent that would leave you bright-eyed and snatched AF even after a sleepless night,” says Huda Kattan, makeup mogul and skincare goddess.

Obsessed with snatching her face, Huda, following the success of her skincare brand’s cult-fave Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask, wanted to create the equivalent for her eye area. Made from the same sculpting fabric and cooling active-infused hydrogel as the sell-out beauty must-have, Wishful’s Eye Lift & Snatch Instant Sculpting Masks are also loaded with Huda’s go-to natural extracts for under eye brightness. Sweet Almond Oil and Rose, as well as hard-working peptides and plant stem cells are the building blocks of Eye Lift & Snatch as the peptides stimulate collagen and elastin production to improve the skin’s firmness and elasticity leaving you glowing and snatched. But there is also another magical ingredient here: stem cells from Calanthe Orchid, native to Japan, generate eye-opening results (literally!) as the remarkable natural extract creates an elevating lifting effect around the eyes after just one use.

If there’s anyone that we should look to for beauty tips, it is Huda Kattan and she has always been obsessed with using under-eye masks to prep for her glam routine. To create a repositionable mask specifically for the under eyes that would help fight the appearance of fatigue after long, sleepless nights, she has used one of her favorite labs in South Korea (the Mecca of sheet masks), and along with her team created an original 100% vegan friendly combination of technologically-advanced plant stem cells, peptides and natural extracts that makes your eyes appear wide awake and looking “snatched” in just 30 minutes. 

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