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12 Fun Things to do in Riyadh

Living in Riyadh or on a visit to the bustling capital of Saudi Arabia? You can never get enough of these fun-packed activities ranging from adventures, delicious food or some hard-earned relaxation. When boredom hits, click through to discover these fun things to do in Riyadh.

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1. Visit the Skybridge at the Kingdom Center
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2. Explore the stunning KAFD mosque

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3. Walk through the Masmak fort
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4. Quad bike in the Red Sand Dunes
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5. Enjoy an A-class meal at Nobu

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6. Dine in the glass ball at the Faisaliah Hotel

The Riyadh restaurant offers unparalleled views of the city. Read more here.

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7. Treat yourself to a spa-cation

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8. Stroll through the stupendous King Abdullah Malaz Park
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9. Travel the world from the heart of Riyadh at World Sights Park
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10. Have a delicious vegan meal at Wabi Sabi

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11. Get that cardio and spin at SoCycle

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12. Go crazy at Riyadh's female-only trampoline park

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