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A Look At The Saudi Women Who Are Dominating The Skies

Happy women history month!

Every March marks Women’s History Month, a time when we step back to acknowledge and honor the countless women who have made history through their achievements and boundary-breaking presence, and those who are still today redefining our world one triumph at a time. As part of celebrating this month, we are looking at two Saudi women who literally aimed for the sky to make their mark as the Kingdom’s first female pilots.

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Hanadi Zakaria Al-Hindi, Pilot For KHC

Known as Saudi Arabia’s first female pilot, Hanadi Zakaria Al-Hindi’s piloting career took off with Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal’s Kingdom Holding Company (KHC), for which she flies the private fleet. In 2005, she passed her final exams at the Middle East Academy for Commercial Aviation in Amman, Jordan, and in 2014, she received her license from the Jeddah-based General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) to fly planes in the Kingdom. Between her first license and second, it was reported by that Al-Hindi was dedicating her time to teaching others written aviation exam material at the Pilot Training Center (PTC) on Prince Sultan Road in Jeddah.

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Yasmeen Al-Maimani, Pilot For Nesma Airlines

In 2019, Yasmeen Al-Maimani became Saudi Arabia’s first female pilot for a commercial airline, six years after she obtained her aviation license from the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority. Her milestone appointment as pilot of Nesma Airlines was not only an achievement for her but one that attained new heights for the Kingdom in its efforts to include women in the aviation sector. Attaining her sky-high achievement meant completing 300 hours of flying practice in the United States after getting her qualifications in Jordan, and then exchanged her American license with a Saudi one in 2013.

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