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14 Iconic Princess Diana Fashion Looks

Ever so timeless!

Princess Diana has marked the hearts of millions of people around the world with her larger than life personality and distinctive feminity. Her outfit choices remain a fashion reference to women across generations. Whether it's shoulder pads, 90s jersey jackets or dashing gowns, Lady Di is a timeless fashion moodboards. Click through to see our favorite looks

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A long bright red coat paired with sneakers and an effortless 'tude? YES.

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We just want to celebrate the night away looking at this!

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The queen of halter dresses (and our hearts, of course)

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A jersey jacket never looked so glam!

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White tee, high waisted jeans, padded blazer - name a better trio!

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The power of a suit.

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BRB, trying to mimick this on the go look.

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It is safe to say she made this neckline one of her prevalent fashion signatures.

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For your next 'I don't know what to wear for that meeting' crisis.

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One shoulder maxi dresses never go out of style. Ask a princess.

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Regal, that's the word.

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90s glam is here to stay.

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Formal never looked so cool.

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You can never wrong with a little black dress.

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