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4 Tips To Start That Fitness Routine & Keep It On Track

These fitness coach-approved guidelines make getting into great shape a cinch…

Rachael Sacerdoti has shared tips on how busy women can start and sustain a fitness routine. The Iraqi fitness coach is behind It’s SO Simple, an online 12-week fitness programme for the mind and body that was founded in 2020, based on her own transformation. The programme provides motivation, accountability, community and education, and Sacerdoti combines a wealth of knowledge gained across the fields of nutrition and fitness with a passion to help empower women. The worldly Singapore-born fitness enthusiast has coached over 150 women from all over the world, ranging from ages 18 to 65.

Here are her 4 straightforward and useful tips:

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1. Know the facts when it comes to body image and exercising

These are false:

  • Lifting heavy weights will make you bulky.
  • Ab exercises are the way to get great-looking abs.
  • You can change your body shape by working on certain body parts.
  • You don’t need to keep hopping on the scales, they only tell part of the story.

Here’s the truth:

  • Working with weights will increase muscle tone but will not make you look large.
  • Abs are made in the kitchen since nutrition is very important when we want to see muscle definition such as abs.
  • You can’t sculpt your body by selectively losing fat in specific places. The only way to influence body shape is to lose fat and chisel your body through developing specific muscles.
  • Those scales will not pinpoint muscle gain or water weight. Muscle is denser than fat, meaning it will take less space than fat. So while you may not be losing weight on the scale, you can still be losing inches or losing body fat.
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2. Attain your goals quicker by mixing food groups
  • You can enjoy all food groups as part of a healthy diet, so never deprive yourself.
  • Protein is a critical part of regenerating and building strong muscles, and that’s why you should make sure you pack your meals with lean proteins like chicken breast and white fish.
  • Don’t think of carbohydrates as the enemy. Instead, make it a goal to eat whole grains and carbs with low glycemic index, e.g. swap sweet potato for potato.
  • As a general rule, 50 percent of your daily calories should be from carbs and 35 percent from protein, while 15 percent should come from fats.
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3. Make satisfaction a priority by getting creative

Being on a low calorie diet can be sustainable if we start experimenting with our meals. For example, an Egg Taco is perfectly balanced because it contains all the food groups. The wrap is the main carb, the eggs contain protein and fat, while the cheese provides additional protein and fat. Then there are the vegetables, which are rich in fibre and packed full of vitamins.

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4. You don’t need to step out of your house to perform a complete fitness regime

If you have a small space at home where you can lay your mat and a few small weights and bands, you’re sorted. In these COVID times, many people have discovered the convenience and ease of exercising at home. You really don’t have any more excuses when it comes to adding fitness as a daily ritual.

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About It’s SO Simple

Featuring online exercises, nutritional meal plans including grocery shopping list and recipes, progress tracking, personal consultation and a support group, It’s SO Simple is based on Rachael Sacerdoti’s weight loss journey. The 12-week fitness programme by the UK-based fitness coach relies on two fundamental ideas, consuming less calories than you burn (stressing on protein) and increasing muscle mass.

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