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Sayidaty Celebrates Its 40th Year With A Brand-New Look And Content

To mark four decades of bringing stories and features, interviews and images from the Middle East, for the Middle East, the region’s most-loved publication, Sayidaty, went with a brand-new look and content for its latest publication.

This special edition is a manifestation of the magazine’s aspirations and longstanding approach, providing today’s contemporary woman with inspiring, thought-provoking, and insightful content spanning society, arts, culture, fashion, and beauty. This landmark issue also features congratulatory messages from key personalities and celebrities from the region, as well as interviews with prominent Gulf figures within the "Khalejona Wahed" file, including six inspiring personalities.

A key focus of the magazine has been to address youth in various capacities, and it has done so time and again by offering a platform of subjects pertinent to their needs and wants. Its latest pages are home to educational topics, contemporary pieces, and pertinent subject matters. In addition, Sayidaty always makes sure to have today’s woman in mind, offering with this edition a breadth of intellectually stimulating content, as well as the latest and greatest in the world of fashion, jewelry, and beauty. The magazine also hosts a number of writers from different fields to their unique perspectives with readers.

This issue’s pages bring together interviews with renowned personalities, along with a number of photo essays, one from the heart of Qiddiya that features Saudi businesswoman Dana Alami, and another with former Miss America, Rima Fakih, and her family at her home on the shores of Florida. It also features four female Saudi DJs, each with promising potential in the world of music.

A Word from the Editor-In-Chief
On the occasion of the magazine’s 40th year, its editor-in-chief, Lama Al-Shathry, said, “We celebrate with you, our dear readers and loyal followers, the 40th year of Sayidaty, through a special issue offering exceptional content and a new look. For over four decades, Sayidaty has excelled in the Arab world with its unique balance of special topics and exclusivity, going beyond its place of origin to reach the Arab world and beyond. On this landmark anniversary, the magazine comes to you with a renewed spirit and modern vision, one that is in line with the transformative times we currently live in. We promise you, our dear readers, to continue offering the best content, be it print or online, particularly when it comes to our website, ranked first amongst lifestyle portals in the region.”

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