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Nadya Hasan: Another International Collaboration for the Emirati Fashion Force

Nadya Hasan by Visual Saad

Award-winning fashion blogger extraordinaire Nadya Hasan on Maje’s special Eid-al-Adha collection, navigating the realm of digital fashion and Arab women’s unique sense of style.

Maje is helping us celebrate Eid-al-Adha in Parisian style with their exclusive evening capsule collection for the Middle Eastern region. And the brand fittingly partnered with Emirati influencer Nadya Hassan, one of the region’s most sought-after references in fashion, to launch it.

We talk to the internationally renowned “The Fierce Diaries” blogger, model and stylist about the four-piece collection, which is all made in delicate and exquisite embroidered black tulle with ocher sequins and charming floral motifs. We also ask Hassan, who “thinks, lives and breathes fashion,” for tips on how to accessorise the collection that will be available in all Maje stores across the region from the end of August.

You’re known to mix high street and luxury high-end brands. What drew you to partner with Maje for their Eid al-Adha evening capsule collection? 
Maje has been a favourite brand of mine since I first came across it five-six years ago in Paris. Ever since, I’ve been in love with the brand and their feminine silhouettes. So when they approached me with this collaboration, I knew I couldn’t turn it down.

Nadya X Maje’s Exclusive Eid Dresses

The collection features charming floral motifs, what do you think of this huge summer trend? 
I think it’s beautiful. It was created with such taste and very easy to wear without having to over-accessorise. The dresses and skirts speak for themselves, and all you need to add is a great bag and simple stilettos.

So can you give us some more tips on accessorising the skirts? 
You just need a simple black off-the-shoulder top, with a pair of heeled sandals or pointy gold heels and a clutch to make it look glam. I recommend an up-do as well.

Nadya X Maje’s Exclusive Eid Dresses

And how about the dresses? 
I think a simple pair of pumps with nice flowing hair would look amazing with them. Just don’t over-do it with the accessories; it just overwhelms the whole look.

There’s also a midi skirt, another big trend. Do you think they suit everyone? 
I love the midi skirt from the collection, but people who are short might need to wear it with heels to create a nice silhouette.

Would you consider designing a collection? 
For sure, I would love to create a full capsule collection with Maje!

It’s the third capsule collection by Maje for the region, and other brands are also designing exclusively for the Middle East. Can you tell us your thoughts on that? 
Honestly, I think it’s a great idea! You end up with pieces that no one else around the world has access to. It’s a great feeling to have pieces you know people can’t easily get their hands on.

You travel the world for your blog. Which kinds of details make Arab women’s sense of style stand out? 
I think Arab women have a very unique sense of style. We tend to stand out more because we care about every single detail. Whereas if you are non-Arab, a simple white dress and a pair of trainers would do. Sometimes I wish I was like that.

Who did you inherit a love of fashion from?
The women in my family, we love fashion and my mum kind of forced it on us. Ever since we were kids (my sisters and I), my mum would never let us leave the house underdressed or a hair out of place.

Why do you think bloggers and influencers are changing the fashion industry?
I think we create a platform that inspires people. Like with my travels, I look for inspiration on Pinterest and magazines and think of how to dress for a particular destination. I think we are a platform that doesn’t require you to search and look for inspiration, it’s just there!

Tell us some of the hardest lessons you’ve learned from blogging and social media.
Trying not to take it so seriously! Sometimes it becomes an obsession where you can’t really enjoy every moment of your vacation or lunch.

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