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Discover The Stunning Shores of Saudi Arabia's Al-Shuqaiq Beach

Ask anyone what they remembered during their time at the Saudi province of Jazan, and you might be told of the region's excellent standing as a nature and tourism destination. That is because of the hard work and dedication by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) to put Jazan on the map of holiday goers. In line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, the SCTH had been encouraging interested parties to invest in the province's tourism industry, resulting in a region that always has much to offer its visitors. In fact, Jazan Province is home to some of the Kingdom's most iconic sea-centric destinations such as the renowned Farasan Islands, and Al-Shuqaiq Beach.

Located just 150 kilometers from Jazan City, Al-Shuqaiq Beach is, in fact, a perfect getaway for anyone hoping to dip their toes into crashing waves, or bring out their fishing rods. Oddly enough, you may also visit the beach at night time with your friends as well, with night lights complementing the evening feel. In fact, there is more to Al-Shuqaiq Beach than just the sea. There is also a nearby corniche, which is a paved walkway for strolling, and a fun play area for the kids. The beach is also host to many festivals, such as Al-Shuqaiq Shopping and Entertainment Festival, a 45-day event that offers circus shows, entertainment areas, amusement parks, and more. Indeed, Al-Shuqaiq Beach is a favorite destination among the locals, and a great spot for families escaping the city life.

Undoubtedly, any beach would give a person a picturesque view of the sea, but have you ever come across a beach with a creek? In fact, not too far off from the corniche is the starting point. Follow the path, and you will find yourself in Wadi Reem, a shallow, yet majestic, creek with lush greenery over its banks. Water can be seen pouring over the mountains near Jazzat Al Thlooth, with the creek itself flowing towards Al-Shuqaiq Beach. To truly appreciate this breathtaking scenery, it's highly recommended to pass by when it rains and, yes, it's more impressive at sunset. 

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