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6 Emerging Arab Content Creators to Learn From

Feeling like refreshing your timeline?

We've looked at our 'Saved' section on Instagram and picked out some of our favorite Arab content creators we can't get enough of. Whether it's makeup, podcasts, Arab Culture, music, or even face yoga, we have something for everyone! Click through to meet our Instagram rising stars.

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1. Noors Glam Gram

Want to go all out with your face game? From graphic liner styles, pop art looks, to Van Gogh's Starry Night eyes, Dubai-based make-up artist Noor executes extravagant makeup ideas and oh boy does she deliver. As we all cocoon in our homes right now, @NoorsGlamGram's tutorials have pushed us to finally try playful & daring makeup looks. Follow her here.

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2. DJ Nooriyah

This awesome Arab female DJ spins her records at Plus One Radio and Foundation FM radios in London. Aside from fueling up her decks with fire tunes, The Middle Eastern and North African DJ specialist recently went viral on social media with her video on Arab music sampled in Western music. Who knew A$AP Rocky sampled a bit an Asala song or that Jay Z took a little inspiration from none other than Abdel Halim Hafez? Don't know what we're talking about? Check out her viral videos here and follow her here.

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3. The Confused Arab

The Confused Arab shares content that beautifully blends Arab culture, language, history and nostalgia. We always learn a thing or two from his charming feed and highlights. Whether its pop culture personas, language facts or hidden city gems, The Confused Arab has a way to make us feel closer to our Arab identity. Follow him here.

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4. Lynn Adib

Lynn Adib is an established Syrian singer and musician based in Paris that has recently been sharing with her followers casual dinner time duos. Her soothing rendition of Asmahan's Ya Habibi Ta’ala song with Zeid Hamdan is one incredible performance we keep to heart. Oh and you'll get to meet different independant musicians too! Follow her here.

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5. The Mo Show Prodcast

Founded by Mo Islam, Saudi Arabia's first English podcast dives into the lives of people in the Kingdom and touches on misconceptions around the country and the region. Leading Saudi female trailblazers across industries and entrepreneurs come on Mo's show to talk about their personal journeys, inspirations, and of course, Saudi Arabia. Follow the podcast here.

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6. Face Yoga With Chloe

Staying at home has us trying new things, and face yoga is one of them! Face yoga is basically gym for your face and it's content creators like Chloe that have made the task easier for us. Toning your face muscles involves weird facial expressions, a lot of reps, patience and whole lot of self-love. But it's all worth it we promise, and all you need is use your hand and maybe a pump or two of your favorite face oil or serum. Follow Face Yoga With Chloe here to learn more about face yoga!

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