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Tunisian Doctor Plays The Violin to Uplift His Patients' Mood

Talk about boosting morale!

Dr. Mohamed Salah Siala works on the COVID-19 front line in a Tunisian hospital and it's not just his medical skills he's been putting to use. Dr. Siala plays the violin around the hospital to boost the morale of patients and the medical body.

At Hedi Chaker Hospital in Sfax city, the 25-year-old puts a smile the face of patients that have been isolated in hospital rooms due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The patients are overjoyed with their daily concerts with Dr. Siala as they welcome his melodic tunes with cheering, clapping, and singing. “Playing the music here contributes to the patient’s feeling of joy and to forget the pain,” said patient Rachid Arous, who is recovering from COVID-19. “It’s a wonderful thing.”

Aside from filling his medical duties, Dr. Siala is part of a group called the “Pepper Band.” “My goal is to use music to help treat corona(virus) patients that are in a bad psychological condition, suffering loneliness — which is their first enemy,” Siala said.

This unpredictable disease has put down so many people and any attempt at boosting morale is most welcomed. Tunisia is actually showing an effective decline in coronavirus cases with one of the lowest infection rates the country has experienced.

“He plays to entertain us a little bit almost every day. I pray to God to protect him, and I wish you all that God protect you from this disease,” said Brika Sdiri, clapping and smiling while listening to the music. “I hope to get out of this place in good health, that’s what I wish.”

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