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Les Benjamins’ Gets Inspired From The Desert & Silk Road

This new collection is dreamy as it gets!

Turkish luxury streetwear designer Bünyamin Aydin behind Les Benjamins takes on The Silk Road for his new spring summer collection. Renowned for his historical touch in his clothing, Aydin drew inspiration drew inspiration from the silk road and represented it in both abstract and tangible senses in today’s setting.

Fans of the label can expect a mix of deconstructed hybrids of sportswear and traditional tailoring archetypes. We’re talking silk (duh), seasonal prints, contemporary fits, and multi-ethnic nods embedded in the clothing.

‘’The Silk Road was historically critical for culture and trade, not only the trade of goods but ideas as well,’’ explains Aydin. Speaking on key showpieces for the season, he notes “My personal favorite are the Camel Utility Pants featuring Neil Raitt’s exclusive print.’’

As for the color palette, it’s a beautiful nod to the desert passed through a silk road; quite sandy with fresh colors of tangerine, terra cotta, henna red, and oceanic shades of blue and purple.

British artist Neil Raitt created two exclusive artworks inspired by the silk road, complementing the stunning desert theme oceanic theme. The scanned artworks are seen throughout the collection, turning the wearer into a walking chef d’oeuvre.

‘’For this collection, I was inspired by the caravans that would carry goods along with this vast network. I enjoyed inventing the camels in painted form, and imagining the kind of goods they would be carrying, juxtaposing notions of luxury and labor,’’ adds Raitt. ‘’My paintings weave together different landscapes, with repeating mountains and map-like compositions.’’

Aydin once again raises the bar of streetwear as he fuses in history, culture, and art. Find out more about the collection here.

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