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Ragail Jewelry: Artistic Handcrafted Pieces We Love To Wear

Saudi founder Raghad Fahad Alhogail is on a mission to be “part of the movement of today’s contemporary arts and visuals.”

More and more, we’re turning to artistic, timeless jewellery we feel comfortable wearing each and everyday, year after year, something Raghad Alrobah Alhogail understands well. In addition to offering the laid-back luxury we’re hankering after, the Saudi Founder and designer of Ragail Jewelry also wants her curated mix of contemporary and exotic jewellery to bring us happiness. In fact, the company name, which originated from her first and surnames, is linked to the English and French verbs regale and régaler, which are associated with good times.

Alhogail’s “unique quality bundles of happiness,” as she described them to “7500” Magazine, always come with a story and a high-end finish, the latter a must to create top quality, long-lasting pieces that can be customised. As well as a magnificent blend of precious stones, including Ragail D-H diamonds that are classified "Very Good" or "Excellent," guaranteeing them surefire brilliance and a unique sparkle, all the metals used by the label, whether gold, silver or platinum, are top notch. And since launching the company, Alhogail has made sure her jewellery is made in the most socially responsible and eco-friendly ways possible.

While Alhogail is based in Irvine, California, it’s clear she is attached to her Saudi roots. The designer’s experience at Al Ula during Winter At Tantorah 2018/2019 deeply impacted her as a Saudi and as an artist. And after exploring the region, the jewellery maven came up with a special line inspired by the region, mostly focusing on the letters they were using 7,000 years ago. Whether in a ring, necklace or earrings, the “Al Masnad” pieces come in 18-carat gold, and with the option of displaying your name or the name of a loved one, they make the ultimate unique gift. “Spirit Arabic Name” is another collection in 18-carat gold that’s based on customisation and an ode to Alhogail’s Arab heritage. However, one of her most recent collections, “M9,” is inspired by a European gem, Rome. Looking at its historical architecture, the designer skillfully restructured the shapes of the Colosseum’s arches into minimal and symmetrical lines.

Alhogail, who is inspired by various success icons like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Christian Dior and Coco Channel, has a Business Administration and Management degree from Al Qassim University, as well as a master’s degree specialising in Jewellery Design from LA’s Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising. However it’s undoubtedly her absolute love for design that has kept her flourishing in the highly competitive jewellery industry. She has been creating jewellery ever since she was a child at school, when she would make gifts for family and friends out of beads and coloured threads. After moving onto brass and silver pieces, the design dynamo was ready to display in a trunk show at a friend’s café. When all her inventory sold out in one day, she knew it was time to start taking risks. 

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